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Written, recorded, programmed, mixed and mastered by myself between the ages of 16 and 19, "Vorean," my first album, is the product of my "darker side." It is the manifestation of my anger, sadness and emotion, taking the form of seven songs that combine my favourite aspects of both Black Metal and Death Metal.



released August 1, 2017

Ryan C. Schmeister



all rights reserved


Vorean Powell River, British Columbia

Vorean is a (currently) one-man band, led by Ryan Schmeister, hailing from British Columbia, Canada that combines the brutality and technicality of Death Metal with the chaos and dark melody of Black Metal.

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Track Name: Legacy
"What is left behind when we die?
After the tragic final breath?
Beyond the suffering of those once loved?
Beyond a hunk of decaying flesh?

The wheel of time spins on.

When we are dead and buried
the memories we have planted
are lost with time.
Those we have touched
forget us through life.
A lifetime of toil,
an existence of strife.
It shall one day be
as if we never walked this Earth.

What is left behind when we die?
After we close our eyes eternally?
Beyond the tales lost through generations?
Beyond the ashes returned to Earth?

With time, all we are is lost.
With time, all we were is forgotten."
Track Name: Tempest
"Stand and watch the gathering storm;
Materialize over the grey horizon.
The assemblage of mighty blackened clouds
to blot out the sun and shade the Earth.

The final storm.
The skies in chaos.
The song of wind, rain and thunder.

This ocean once serene and tranquil
falls prey to the power of nature.
And waves that now tower to the sky
crash against the rocky shoreline.

Heaven has been torn asunder
as lightning streaks across the sky
and the great crash of thunder
Shakes the Earth and shifts the sea.

The storm is upon thee.

And woe to the mariner
who dares to cross this sea.
In this hour of nature’s fury
Never again shall he be seen."
Track Name: Overlords
"From their ivory towers, they rule.
Corrupt dictators to exercise control.
Tyrants and despots, them all.
Masters of a cruel reality.

Bow before thy masters, pawn.
We are but lambs to the slaughter.
Thy overlords have come
to empty lesser lives of meaning.

Thy kingdom come,
all for the greater one.
Thy will be done,
Everything for the greater one.

Dissidents and dissenters shall know fear
as they disappear in the night.
There is no turning back now.
Their master plan shall soon unfold.

Hunted down.
Your thoughts quelled.
In shades of night,
they show their might.
You aren’t safe
in your own home
from prying eyes
and government lies."
Track Name: Cancer
"I have watched in silence
as humanity spirals in to chaos.
Mankind has become unchained
while the masses watch, ignorant.

The dark side of our foolish race
unshackled, rapes and pillages the Earth.
Children of the sun, the ultimate destroyers.
The embodiment of gluttony and waste.

I sit and watch in terror
as humanity is cancer
upon this world of beauty;
a world that has given so much.
How long do we still have
when everything reeks of ignorance?
How long do we still have
before the walls collapse around us?

Freewill lies slain, extinct by human hands,
yet none in the world seem to care.
How long can life go on
when independent thought is but a memory?

Enslaved is every man, woman and child.
Possessions of a ruling class, deciding all.
Born to serve, born to die.
Bred not to think, nor to question why."
Track Name: Awakening
"We search for meaning in our short lives;
pathetic useless existences
from the highest peaks
to the black depths of the sea.

True ignorance it is to believe
in some form of higher meaning
pathetic husk of sinew and flesh turned sentient
seeking reason; an impossible question.

Fall now in to your downward spiral.
Descend to your vortex of emptiness.
You will never be the same
when you realize you exist for nothing.

Awaken, human.
Eyes open to a new dawn.
Thou are enlightened to find answers.
There is no meaning to this short life
nor is there any meaning to our hollow existence.
God is dead, we are nothing.

Cast out thy god and religion.
The lies of the church are thinly veiled.
Centuries have they obstructed all truth
as they indoctrinate the lost masses.

The search will continue
until mankind draws it’s final breath.
On a dying planet
We will find that nothing is there.

God is dead, we are nothing."
Track Name: Oblivion
"Again I watch the amber light fading away,
as the sun sets on yet another hollow, empty day.
Enslaved by the wheel of time that slowly tumbles on,
we spiral toward oblivion, out of our control.

Another day, another hollow use of time.
Like grains of sand, these moments quickly pass me by.
And though the sun will rise upon another day,
I’ve heard it in the wind, my time is drawing nigh."